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Alibi 6.0 Megapixel Vandalproof Fisheye Panoramic 49' IR IP Outdoor Dome Security Camera

Provides 360° surround wide coverage of open areas and offers multiple viewing modes

  • Produces up to 6.0 megapixel (3072 x 2048) resolution
  • Multiple viewing modes including: fisheye, horizontal panoramic and ePTZ quad view
  • View up to five independent camera views at once on-screen
  • 360° fisheye panoramic surround view offers wider coverage and eliminates blind spots
  • 180° panoramic view provides end-to-end horizontal coverage
  • Integrated IR LEDs enable the camera to see up to 49′ in the dark
  • Smart IR technology reduces over-exposure of the IR LEDs at the center of the image
  • Two-way audio with built-in microphone and speaker
  • IK10 impact resistance against physical impact
  • Free Alibi Witness mobile app for viewing live and recorded video remotely
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Do you need an IP camera that offers complete coverage of a wide area? This Alibi 6.0 megapixel vandal-resistant fisheye panoramic 49′ IR IP dome camera is an ideal choice for providing full panoramic coverage of large areas such as parking lots, long hallways, open-plan offices, large retail spaces and warehouses, airports, train stations, and wide open outdoor spaces.

The fisheye security camera is equipped with a 1 /1.8″ progressive-scan CMOS image sensor that produces up to 6.0 megapixel (3072 x 2048) video resolution, for sharp, detailed images.

The panoramic IP camera provides a 360° surround view of wide areas and eliminates blind spots. A 180° panoramic view provides end-to-end horizontal coverage.

The IP video security camera offers multiple viewing modes, including: fisheye, horizontal panoramic and ePTZ quad view. And, you can view up to five independent camera views at once on-screen. Choose the frame rates and viewing capabilities that are right for your video security application.

The 6.0 megapixel IP security camera uses Smart IR technology to prevent over exposure of the IR LEDs at the center of the image, and is equipped with an integrated long-range IR array that enables it to see up to 49′ in the dark without washing out the subject at closer ranges.

True day/night (ICR) captures sharp, detailed color images during the day and black and white images in low light. True wide dynamic range (WDR) and 3D digital noise reduction (3D-DNR) produce exceptional image quality with less noise in variable and low light conditions.

The camera features a built-in microphone for capturing audio, a speaker and two-way audio. Other features include: tri-streaming, event log, search and email notification, along with motion detection, privacy masking, and pre/post alarm recording. The IP video security camera is equipped with one audio input, one audio output, one sensor input, one alarm output and one video input.

The vandal-resistant IP camera has an IK10 impact rating that ensures protection against impact from vandals and features an IP66 weather-rated enclosure that provides protection from particles such as dust and sand, as well as harsh weather conditions, including rain and snow.

The megapixel IP camera can be powered via 802.3af PoE or 12 Vdc power.

The free Alibi Witness mobile app enables you to view your live and recorded video remotely—from anywhere, from your Android or iOS mobile device.

Peace-of-Mind, Guaranteed!

All Alibi purchases are protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee, unlimited US-based technical support, and our Alibi 3-Year Blanket Warranty.

What is an Alibi 3-Year Blanket Warranty?

Our Alibi 3-Year Blanket Warranty covers your entire purchase, with no asterisks and no exceptions! The warranty covers all Alibi camera and recorder hardware and components, and pre-installed hard drives. If you have an issue, we provide unlimited technical support – and manage all returns and exchanges directly, minimizing unnecessary down-time.

What’s Covered by the Warranty?

  • DVRS: physical recorders, components, fans, and pre-installed hard drives
  • Cameras: imagers, components, built-in IR illuminators, and housings
  • PTZ Cameras: imagers, components, pan/tilt motors, and housings
  • All Technologies: analog, HD-TVI, and IP

Learn more about the Alibi 3-Year Blanket Warranty

What’s Included:

  • (1) Fisheye panoramic 6.0 megapixel IP dome camera
  • (1) Mounting hardware set
  • (1) Mounting template
  • (1) CD-ROM ( installation tools and instructions)
  • (1) Quickstart guide

Key Features and Capabilities:

360° Surround Viewing – Capture a full panoramic view. This fisheye camera provides a full 360° view and eliminates blind spots by ensuring that all angles are covered and recorded at the same time.

Megapixel Resolution – Cover more area and see more detail. Megapixel cameras can cover a larger area without compromising image quality. Megapixel resolution cameras deliver high-definition images with much greater detail. They are ideal where a greater level of detail is needed, such as for facial and license plate identification.

Smart IR – Capture clear, sharp images in low light. The camera’s Smart IR (smart infrared) feature automatically adjusts the infrared light required in a scene as the subject moves closer to or further away from the camera, resulting in optimal brightness and a sharp, clear image that’s neither washed out at close range or too dark at longer distances.

Digital Wide Dynamic Range (D-WDR) – Gain a clear view in diverse lighting conditions. This feature enables the camera to produce clearer images in less than ideal lighting conditions. D-WDR balances the contrast of light and shadow to improve visibility in dark areas within a scene.

Pre/Post Alarm Recording – Start recording video before and after an alarm is triggered. This feature works with the motion detection capability of the DVR or with alarm contacts attached to a door or window. When an incident is detected, in addition to recording the activity being monitored, the DVR records a pre-set amount of time before and after the event to the hard drive. This enables you to see what happened before and after motion was detected and view additional information about the circumstances leading up to and after it.

3D Digital Noise Reduction (3D-DNR) – Get exceptional video image quality with less noise. 3D-DNR incorporates frame-to-frame noise reduction with spatial noise reduction to produce clear video images with less noise, in low light conditions. Noise reduction is critical for video because noise affects image quality. Cameras with 3D-DNR produce sharper, more accurate video images.

True Day/Night (ICR) – Capture clear images day and night. Our day/night cameras with true day/night (ICR) deliver a sharp image in low light and nighttime conditions. An IR cut filter blocks out infrared light to produce true-to-life color images during the daytime. In low light conditions and at night, the filter is removed, letting infrared light pass through to provide crisp, well-defined black and white images.

Motion Detection – Save hard drive space and time searching video where nothing is happening. This feature allows you to pre-define zones within the area covered by each camera so that the NVR only starts recording when motion is detected within the zone. This saves hard drive space and reduces the amount of video recorded, making it easier to find the video you need if there is an event.

Privacy Zone Masking – Keep desired areas private. This feature enables you to set zones for select areas within the camera’s field of view, that need to be excluded when viewing and recording video. These areas are overlaid with a privacy mask so that video of the specified zones cannot be viewed or recorded.

IK10 Impact Resistance - Withstand physical impacts. The IK rating system an international numeric classification for the degrees of protection provided by enclosures for electrical equipment against external mechanical impacts. It provides a means of specifying the capacity of an enclosure to protect its contents from external impacts. Ratings range from IK-01 to IK-10, with IK-10 being able to withstand the largest amount of impact energy (20 joules).

Weather-resistant Cameras - Provide Year-round Protection. Our outdoor weather-resistant cameras feature at least an IP66 weather rating. The IP (ingress protection) rating is a standard rating of protection offered by a camera’s enclosure. Our outdoor cameras are built to keep out small particles such as dust, and are unaffected by a range of weather conditions including heavy rain and snow.

Free Alibi Witness iOS/Android App – View your video remotely from anywhere. Enjoy convenient remote access from your iOS or Android device with a FREE app.

License Plate Identification

Watch the video below to see how this camera captures license plate information from fast-moving vehicles (click on the 'Settings' (gear) icon in the video player controls to view this video in HD).

Highway Surveillance Sample

Watch the video below to see sample video of cars traveling on a busy highway.

Daytime and Nighttime Performance

Watch the video below to see this camera in action during the daytime and at nighttime in heavy rain.

Alibi Witness Mobile App

Learn about the features and capabilities of the free Alibi Witness mobile app in this video. The app is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Learn more about the Alibi Witness mobile app.

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